K1UMC Eagle Scout

Eagle Scout Jon Russell is in the K1UMC Troop 136.

Blanche Dodd Elementary in Krum will start the school year with a new multi-purpose soccer and kickball field because of the work of  Krum High School senior Jon Russell.

The new field, expected to be completed by Aug. 4, is Jon’s Eagle Scout project  after years in our Methodist Church Troop 136.  The field already has been leveled and staked for painting . The new field shares a boundary with the church property.

Jon attended the Krum School Board meeting this past week to request use of the district’s liming equipment. He also has been fund-raising to pay for his equipment. He still needs to provide two soccer balls, two kickballs, and two goals for the field in addition to the completion of field preparation.

Jon is the son of David and Michelle Russell, who this summer have been participating in Mary Crouse’s small group weekly gathering.  The group decided to pitch in with Jon as a small group project and plan to get started on the liming “as early as possible” on Saturday, July 28. Any finishing up work will be completed Saturday, Aug. 4.
Jon has found approaching city businesses and clubs for funding to be every bit as hard as the work itself.  His hope is

to find 40 donors who can help with a $25 donation.  The shy teenager is determined to complete his goal on time, however. Any donations to help build a new soccer field for Krum school children

can be left for Jon in the church office.

Jon has been accepted in the U.S. Coast Guard Academy upon his graduation from Krum High School next spring.

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