VBS Help Needed


VBS Director Ms Leigh Ann Mcclain

  • July 12, 6:30 pm  Planning Meeting
  • July 19th: Church Decoration Day


2-  KidVid Cinema (hoping to use Youth Room)-  Need a director and a helper;  The helper will assist with starting the movie, the director will do
the teaching and discussion points.  I have a book for the director and all the videos.
1 more needed- Bible Discovery (lesson)- Jerri Richardson has already volunteered to be the director and she has been given the book.  All I need
now is a helper.  This is where the bible verse and story is taught.
1 more needed-  Imagination Station-  I have a volunteer for this already.  (I will soon remember the name!)  but I do need a helper or two.  🙂  The crafts have
been ordered (I believe) and go along with the theme.   I also have a book for this person.  🙂
4 needed for Tropical Treats-  We are thinking hot dogs for one night and corn dogs for the other but have special theme related treats that go with them.  I have
a book with the recipes in them.  Food prep is the reason for 4 people.
Castaway Sing and Play-  Jessi, Jackson, and other youth helpers will be helping with the songs.  I will also make all the announcements and explain the character
of the day at this time.  We should be fine with helpers on this.  I will be making DVD’s so all can learn the songs ahead of time and the movements.


Vanilla Pudding (individual cups)-  30
Package of Brown sugar
Package of Gummy Fish (need at least 30 pieces)
Hot Dogs- 6 packages of 8 needed
Hot Dog Buns- 4 packages
2 packages of frozen french fries
Corn Dogs- 48 pieces ( 2 packages?)
4 bags of cheetos
1 BIG bag of skittles
One box of microwave popcorn (butter flavor)
2 boxes of sandwich baggies (not zip lock)
48- bottles of 12 ounce tropical juice
12- 12 ounce cans of citrus sparkling juice
48 individual vanilla ice cream cups
Package of straws
Package of CLEAR cups
Package of Graham Crackers
Package of Pretzel Sticks
4 cartons of Strawberries
Package of toothpicks
Package of marshmellows
Paper plates

FUN DAY NEEDS (Saturday):

Package of GREEN paper plates for games
1 BIG sponge
1 BIG bucket (like a Home Depot- LET’S DO THIS bucket)
3- blow up wading pools
1- package of little colored stickers (circles)
10- pool noodles
3- blow-up beach balls
Sound system to play music outside
INFLATABLE WATER SLIDE- rented?  Will we need to have children sign waivers?
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