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Sunday, Dec. 21 - The Promise: Yes!

"Nothing is impossible with God ..."

large_the-annunciation.jpgGod makes it happen for God's children. The world needs a savior, and a savior is sent. Not on a flaming chariot with an angel army as backup, but as a baby. However, the approach to Mary needs to be made, and Gabriel gets to make it. But angels as Mary would have understood them from the Hebrew Scriptures were not bringers of joy. The Israelite history with angels is pretty terrifying, so it's no wonder that Gabriel first tells Mary not to be afraid.

The Lord is with us, we don't need to be afraid. What do we fear this time of year? Loneliness? Money problems? Brokenness in our families and relationships? Are there things in our lives that we find impossible? Is God there to help us find a break through? The Incarnation is proof to us that God is ready, willing, and able to work miracles. Mary was brave enough to say "YES!" to God. What about us?

Advent to Christmas 2014 Worship Series: The Promise

medium_adventcandle1.jpgThis Advent season we're following the thread of messengers, the people who prophesied and proclaimed the good news the culminated in a fulfilled promise with the birth of Jesus Christ.

Our Advent journey will take us from the heartfelt prayers of Isaiah, to the rugged preaching of John the Baptist. Then to the tender joy of Mary, mother of Jesus, as she sings her song of thanksgiving after the angel Gabriel gives her the news that God has chosen her to bear the Son of God into the world. Finally, after the long wait, the promise of God, Jesus the Messiah, comes to us at Christmas. A promise fulfilled.

Pastor's Welcome

Whether you are a longtime member or have never crossed the threshold of our church, welcome! I am so glad that you are visiting us online and hope that you find the answers you need here. Our goal is to provide a family of faith for both seekers and believers - a safe place for questioning and a nurturing place for spiritual growth. 

Our church is passionate about embodying the good news of Jesus in our community. 

  • We provide school supplies for students in need through our Half an Apple ministry.
  • We encourage care for the earth and healthy lives through our community garden.
  • We invest in the children of our community by providing quality daycare as well as before- and after-school programs.
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