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From the Pastor:

You will be blessed by participating in a covenant group of Krum UMC. Covenant groups are intended to help participants grow in their personal discipleship by being accountable to a larger group. God is a God of Love and relationship and we are intended to worship, live, and grow in relationship with others.

Krum UMC through the two year process of the Healthy Church Initiative of the North Texas Conference is responding to our guidance in developing an intentional discipleship pathway. The member’s of this church volunteered to join a discipleship team to develop this pathway. The center point of this plan is for members to share with others during different times of the year in small groups of discipleship. Our Church’s motto for discipleship is To Live, Learn, Leap and Lead. It is the intent of our team that participants have the chance to do all of these things as during the covenant group.

Covenant Groups will be held in June (four weeks) Advent (four weeks) and Lent (six weeks). Covenant groups are just part of our discipleship pathway and church members are encouraged to participate in other group ministries as well.

Call or Text to reserve your spot!

Sundays at noon
Pastor Kevin and Leigh Ann McClain
Miguelito’s in Krum
1521 East McCart Street, Krum, TX
RSVP: 918.718.9388

Mondays at noon
Connie Miller
Jason’s Deli
2219 Texas 288 S. Loop, Denton, TX
RSVP: 940.600.0838

Thursday 6:30
Mike and Mary Crouse
15696 Hwy 380, Krum, TX
RSVP: 940.453.4936

Wednesdays at 3:00 pm
Pastor Kevin (men only)
Andy’s Diner
145 W McCart St, Krum, TX
RSVP: 918.718.9388

Wednesdays at 5:15pm
Gary and Becky Kennedy
10766 Merlin Drive, Sanger, TX
RSVP: 315.783.9572

Wednesdays at 6:30
Tim and Vicki Jones
2235 Hillview Dr, Krum, TX
RSVP: 817.368.3626

Fridays at noon
Violet Williamson (women only)
13 West Sharon Drive, Krum TX
RSVP: 714.530.3376

  1. LIVE Participants are encouraged to participate each week, but reality is that people will have to miss occasionally. Groups are meant to be social, include fun, food, and fellowship.

  2. LEARN Participants will learn about each other, themselves and God and they share in their faith walk.
  3. LEAP is when we take a risk and go out into the community and serve others with the love of Christ. Groups ask to do a small service project at the end of the session.
  4. LEAD is by inviting others to participate and leading or participating in a small group or ministry in the church that is fitting of your gifts.
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