Covenant Groups

covenant2Guidelines for the Host Of Krum UMC Covenant Groups

Thank you for considering hosting a short term covenant group for your church. Covenant groups are a great way for members to get to know each other better, new members to get involved, and others looking for a church home to visit other members and discuss spiritual matters without attending on a Sunday morning.  These groups are also great for spiritual growth and fellowship for all members.

Host pick a time during the week that is convenient for them and others will sign up to groups that fit their schedules. Hosts can host a covenant group at their home, in a class room at the church or anywhere else they choose. (Restaurant, coffee shop, park, etc.)

Groups can consist of 5-8 members.

There will be sessions yearly in the summer (June), fall (October), and spring (Lent).

Groups are to fun.  Food should be a part depending on the time of day, and can either be a snack or a full meal.  The group can decide if every meal is to be pot luck or rotate families responsible for the whole meal.

After getting together and sitting the group leader can start the discussion. The discussion will begin with three of John Wesley’s covenant questions for Methodist classes. Each member can take turns answering each question for the week. Participants can share as much or little as they like and should be made comfortable with the amount they choose.  The three questions are:

  1. Have I obeyed the promptings of the Holy Spirit to serve God and my neighbor?
  2. Did I worship this past Sunday?
  3. Have I prayed each day, privately, and with my family or friends?

All members are encouraged to support and encourage other members.  If time permits for more discussion, people can share a point of inspiration from the previous week’s sermon.

After discussion people are welcome to visit and leave as needed. Meetings should not last more than 90 minutes.

Finally each group should come up with a small mission project for their group to participate in at the end of the group session.  It can be anything from making care packages for soldiers or homeless people to visiting those in a nursing home or hospital.

Thank you again for hosting a group and may your group grow together in Christian discipleship.


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